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Little Ruwaad Integrated Montessori Playgroup Program


Children are born ready to learn and have many skills to learn over many years.  How the brain grows is strongly affected by the child’s experiences with other people and the world. Nurturing care for the mind is critical for brain growth and children's development.

We adopted the method introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori for our Little Explorers (2 and 3 years old) to build a positive attitude and confidence towards learning. These include:


  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Cultural

  • Language

  • Early Mathematics

  • Early Science  


The children are free to choose their own activities according to their ability, potential, and natural interests. Most importantly they develop at their own speed. We strongly believe in nurturing the joy of exploration and the love of knowledge.

Additionally, we expose our Little Ruwaad to Islamic values and lessons, including adab, solah practical, daily du'a and soorah recitation, and introduction to Jawi and Iqra'.

From early years, our Little Ruwaad are taught to be good and kind, help each other and take care of world around them.

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