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Our Story


Assalamulaikum wbt to all parents,


Parents want the best education for their children, especially at the early childhood stage. My husband and I are no exceptions. When we founded Young Ruwaad Academy in 2015, we have 2 sons aged 5 and 6 years old. 


        Since we sent our eldest son to a daycare when he was only 5 months old, we have been constantly worried and concerned.  Since then, over the last 4 years, we have taken deep personal interests in childhood education, constantly monitoring and comparing notes especially on the importance of having a balanced curriculum of both English/Malay academic and Islamic foundation.


       Many parents feel the same way. But we realized it is a very difficult balance. We had to send our boys to 2 different centers to get the right combination. It is expensive and a hassle. We had to pay for transit charges and transport. And we are not happy. The quality, balance, and costs somehow don't really add up. Just like many of you, we are exhausted and frustrated.


       That’s when we decided maybe we should stop complaining and do something constructive. Perhaps as parents like you, we could better understand the needs, problems, and aspirations that you have. 

       Like most parents today, both of us are working five days a week. And to be honest, we hardly had time to monitor and observe what our children are doing in their nursery, playschool, and kindergarten. But our alarm bells rang when our son who’s jovial and talkative by nature refused to go to school.


       We spoke to the teachers and principal. That’s when we began to pay attention to how he was treated in school, the lessons taught and progress made to his development.

       Young Ruwaad Academy is born out of passion as parents who want the best for their children. Through research and collaboration with various Early Childhood Education and Teaching professionals,  we have adopted a fully proven and tested curriculum for both English/Malay academic and Islamic foundation syllabus. But we are also introducing new interactive, visual, and creative aspects of learning into our classrooms from our network with Early Childhood Australia.

       In terms of management, we hope to integrate more than 2 decades of our experience as career professionals in global corporate organizations. But we will be the first to admit this venture is not an easy task.


       The Young Ruwaad Academy is born out of passion and commitment,  not just business. We hope to provide quality and balanced education at affordable rates to reach out to as many children as possible. Our aim is to enable children from all family background to have access to a high quality, English medium Islamic preschool program.


Insya Allah that’s our core value.


Wassalam and Barakallahufikum,

Mrs Norliza Zakaria,

Founder, Owner and Director of Young Ruwaad Academy   

islamic preschool shah alam
islamic preschool shah alam
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