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islamic preschool shah alam

Fardhu Ain Enrichment Program


We hope to build a strong foundation of Islam and instill love towards Allah, the Prophet and Knowledge.

Our Fardhu Ain program is part of our Full Day Integrated Montessori Playgroup and Kindergarten Program. This program is also suitable to children from other preschool or Kindergarten that do not offer Islamic program.

This program includes:


Iqra' : Children learn to read Iqra’ and Al-Quran with one-to-one guidance from our trained teachers.

Al-Quran and Hadith:  Children memorize and taught the lessons from surahs in Juz Amma and selected hadiths. 


Arab Language: Children will be exposed to basic Arabic words and vocabulary through reading, writing, and counting.


Jawi: Children will be taught how to read and write Jawi, good preparation to enter the Integrated Islamic Primary School.

Fardhu Ain : Practical and interactive learning in Tauheed, Ibadah, Adab, and Seerah. 

The syllabus used is a good preparatory to enter the primary KAFA program and the Integrated Islamic Primary School and will give your child a good head start.

islamic preschool shah alam
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