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Baby Ruwaad Infant and Toddler Program

Creating Strong Foundation For Future Learning


The Infant and Toddler Care Program provides early development and education programs designed to help your infant grow and learn in the six main developmental areas: language and literacy development, executive function, social and emotional development, physical development and wellness, cognitive development, and creative expression.


Parent-School-Community Partnership

Essential Partnership in Raising Future Generation

Research demonstrates that effective schools have high levels of parental and community involvement. This involvement is strongly related to improved student learning, attendance and behaviour. Family involvement can have a major impact on student learning, regardless of the social or cultural background of the family.

We conduct various programs such as Parent Talk, Parent-Teacher Meeting and Know Your Community to raise awareness on parenting skills and early childhood developmental stages and establish good rapport with parents and the community.

Little Ruwaad Integrated Montessori Playgroup Program

Enjoying Learning Through Play

For our Little Ruwaad, aged 2 and 3 years old, we adopted the method introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori to build positive attitude and confidence towards learning. These include Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Art. 

Through purposeful play, we nurture the joy of exploration and the love of knowledge in our young Ruwaad.


Junior Ruwaad Pre-Kindergarten and Elite Ruwaad Kindergarten Program

Explore, Experiment, Experience

We applied 2 popular learning approaches to bring the best of our Explorers, Montessori and Glenn Doman. Additionally, we combine both traditional and modern approach including leveraging IT tools and software applications to make the learning experience fun and effective.

Farhu Ain Enrichment Program

Be A Good Person and Spread Kindness

We hope to build a strong foundation of Islam and instil love towards Allah, the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and teach our Ruwaad to be kind towards themselves and the people around them. Since young, we empower our Ruwaad to be the best version of themselves and help others to be the same. 

Subjects covered in our Fardhu Ain Enrichment program includes, Iqra', Hafazan Soorah and Hadeeth, Arabic, Jawi, Tauheed, 'Ibaadah, Adab and Seerah.


Senior Ruwaad KAFA & Transit Program

Instilling Good Islamic Values In Future Leaders

We adopted JAIS syllabus in our KAFA curriculum. Our unique mind-mapping method has helped our Ruwaad grasp knowledge effectively. As part of our service, we help Ruwaad get ready for their primary school sessions. Better yet, our KAFA Ruwaad gets complimentary tuition during school holidays. 

We also provide transport services (both pick up and drop off) for our Ruwaad in Setia Alam, Meru, Aman Perdana and Bukit Raja.

Special Transit Program

Learning Beyond The Classroom

We understand parents' needs for a high quality, reliable and safe environments for the children. At the same time, we believe that young curious minds should be continuously nurtured outside their classrooms. 

Apart from providing healthy meals and ensuring proper rest hours, we conduct fun and creative activities, including role play, art & craft, story-telling, and indoor games. Additionally, we also offer optional extra-curriculum activities such as Taekwando at nominal fees.

Christmas Gift

Our Story



The Preferred Early Childhood Development Partner

In Arabic, Ruwaad means explorers. That is what we call our students. In Young Ruwaad Academy, we strive to nurture the curiosity in our Ruwaad while they acquire their new skills and knowledge.

We are proud to be the only One Stop Centre for parents as we provide all Early Childhood services under one roof. 

  • Infant and Toddler Care for Baby Ruwaad (2 months to 18 months old)

  • Integrated Islamic Montessori Playgroup for Little Ruwaad (2- 3 years old)

  • Integrated Islamic Kindergarten for Junior and Elite Ruwaad (4 to 6 years old)

  • Fardhu Ain classes and Value Added Transit services for Little, Junior, and Elite Ruwaad (2 to 6 years old)

  • Fardhu Ain (KAFA) and Transit Services for Master Ruwaad (7 to 12 years old)

  • Transport Services for all of our Ruwaad from 4 years old and above

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